We have dental implant systems
to suit all budgets

We are aware that many people are prevented from having implant treatments due to the high cost. Our aim is to allow access to this life changing treatment to as many people as possible. With this in mind, we offer a range of dental implant systems.



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System 1
A Low cost – From £800 per implant, £1,400 with crown

This is an American System which has been in production for 30 years. It is a basic system with only two parts which significantly reduces the engineering required in production. Also, there are no specialized parts required to restore the implant with a crown or bridges. This reduces the cost to us for both parts and laboratory elements and it is this saving which we are able to pass on. We have cases which are 10+ years down the line and their success rates are just as good as any other system.

Any Negatives?

The system functions well but lacks sophistication when it comes to restoration with crowns. This may be relevant when the very best aesthetic outcome is required or there are quite a few implants. If there are very specific concerns then advice will be given as to better alternatives. Functionally, the system will work as well as any other. The abutment (the part visible in the mouth and to which the crown/bridge attaches) needs to be shaped with a drill (similar to a tooth) and then an impression is taken for the laboratory to make the crown. With other systems, there are specific components where the laboratory do all of this, but these extra components are what increases the price.