System 2

This system is more sophisticated than the American system which can make a difference in aesthetically sensitive cases, or cases where there are multiple implants. It is a German system that works on the same principles as the most expensive system, but with much less cost of the implants and restorative parts. This system would generally be recommended in more complex cases as a lower cost alternative to the most expensive system. At South Wilts Implant Centre, we have cases which are 10 years down the line and their success rates are just as good as any other system.

Any negatives?

There is not quite the range of parts the Swiss system has and not the quality and quantity of scientific documentation over many years. It is, however well documented, successful and is a well engineered and quality product. In the most complex situations, the more expensive option may well give a better range of treatment options. Patients would be advised if this was the case. Aesthetic outcomes cannot be controlled as easily as System 3, which may be
important to indivdual cases.