On extraction of a fairly large tooth, due to a fracture, an implant was deemed to be the best solution for the long term. A bridge has been considered but would rely on the strength of two adjacent teeth with complications if one of these failed.

This was to be my first implant so I was initially apprehensive about the operation to insert the titanium pin and the comfort of the final result.

My apprehension was unfounded as the whole process was totally pain free! The operation to insert the pin was straightforward. It was recommended that I be sedated for this, which is the normal procedure. This consisted of a nice dental nurse giving me a drink that looked like red wine. In the dental chair I slowly (or was it quickly) drifted off into oblivion, coming to to find the operation complete. There was no pain afterwards in my case and the pin sat comfortably just below the gum surface for a few months whilst the bone hardened around the implant, after which the main support for the tooth was attached, followed a few weeks later by the replacement tooth.

I am very happy with the end result, just like having my original tooth back again, it is comfortable, looks just like a natural tooth and this replacement will last for years. I am certainly very happy to contemplate future implants if required. Sean O’Hara did a splendid professional job.

— Mr P Webster