Dental Implants from £700, fully restored from £1200

Our aim at the South Wilts Implant Centre is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the replacement of missing/extracted teeth with dental implants. The South Wilts Implant Centre has sourced different implant systems which significantly reduce the cost to patients and should allow more patients to benefit from implant treatment.

We are able to offer 3 different systems, which will allow much greater choice for the patient and a range of prices to suit individual budgets and preferences. Remember, planning and experience are the keys to success.

System 1System 2System 3
Single implant£700£900£1200
Post and CrownFrom £500From £700From £1210
Three tooth bridge and two implantsFrom £2900From £3900From £5340
Two implants to stabilise a denture£1400£1800£2400
New denture stabilised on implantsFrom £1200From £1200From £1200
Replace all teeth fixed on implantsFrom £6000From £7800From £10,400