Implants from just £700

Our aim at the South Wilts Implant Centre is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the replacement of missing/extracted teeth with dental implants.

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Sedation for Nervous Patients

We are able to provide sedation for those with a phobia of the dentist

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Choice of systems to suit all budgets

We are able to offer 3 different systems, which will allow much greater choice for the patient and a range of prices to suit individual budgets.

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Audited 10 year 99% success rate

Grig has a 10 year audited success rate of over 99% and carries out all surgical and restorative procedures.

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The South Wilts Implant Centre is a state of the art implant facility dedicated to offering patients access to all forms of dental implant therapy. All the team involved have great experience and training in implant dentistry and aim to make this well documented and successful treatment option available to as many people as possible.

Our aim at South Wilts Implant Centre is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the replacement of missing/extracted teeth with dental implants. Implants can offer a true health benefit to patients if they avoid the drilling of healthy teeth or wearing dentures. However, the cost of implants has always been prohibitive for many people with the major implant suppliers maintaining high costs to the practitioner and patients above those in other countries. With this in mind, South Wilts Implant Centre have sourced different implant systems which significantly reduce the cost to patients and should allow more patients to benefit from implant treatment.

The Centre is run by Dr Grig Popovici.

Lucy MGoogle Review
Absolutly brilliant dentists at this practice - I cannot rate them high enough!

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A MoritzenGoogle Review
What a relief to find a dental clinic so caring and calm. I felt relaxed and at ease immediately I called the practice, being somewhat nervous of having any treatment done since a recent trauma. Staff here know their stuff ...

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A BrowningGoogle Review
I'm a nervous patient and had been thinking about having an implant to replace a nasty gap for quite some time, a friend recommended Dr Popovici and I'm so glad they did. From the moment I set foot into the ...

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S LeonteGoogle Review
I have completed my dental implant treatment at this practice.I received excellent treatment and I was totally impressed with everyone's professionalism. My questions were answered with patience, knowledge, honesty and empathy. Dr. Popovici made sure that I was pain free ...

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Mr T HughesGoogle Review
Having delivered and sold goods to Dental Laboratories for about forty years, I had some idea of who to look for to place my implants. I was recommended to the South Wilts Implant Centre and could not have done ...

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Mrs M Appleton
"I am so pleased with my implants. I wish they had been an option many years before, having suffered for over twenty years with false front teeth on a plate (at a young age). The new implant teeth are excellent, ...

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Mrs. Carol Kenzie
It was with some trepidation that I booked my first consultation with South Wilts Implant Centre early last year (which by the way was free). I was really afraid of invasive dental procedures but was determined not to put up ...

South Wilts Implant Centre has an audited 10 year 99% success rate for dental implants

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