Mr T Hughes
13th November 2018

Having delivered and sold goods to Dental Laboratories for about forty years, I had some idea of who to look for to place my implants. I was recommended to the South Wilts Implant Centre and could not have done better. I had a very flat lower ridge and was unable to keep my lower denture in, even with Fixodent, and was sticking it in five or six times a day at least, and even then could not eat much apart from soft foods. Grig placed two implants, then fixed a bar onto the implants, and then provided me with a new denture with clips, and I can now eat anything and enjoy my food again. The treatment was carried out very skillfully, and gently too, and I had virtually no pain after the implants had been placed. The gums healed up well and I had my new denture fitted after only about four months, which was very pleasing, as some take even up to a year. I can thoroughly recommend Grig and this Dental Practice to everyone, especially anyone who might be nervous of dental treatment.

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